Dear Sovereign Redeemer and other friends,

This blog exists primarily as a way to get what I hope will be timely, encouraging content into the hands (and hearts and minds) of our local church. To whatever extent these things are found to be helpful by others, all the better!

Pastors should have things of vital importance to say. They should preach and they should write. They should make urgent appeals with voice and pen. The posts here are my imperfect attempts to that end.

For readers who don’t yet know me, here are a few facts and figures:

– A disciple of Jesus for something like four decades. Jason Dohm: disciple for life.

– A happy husband since 1991, thanks to a merciful God and Janet, the beloved.

– A father of six, the oldest born in 1994 and the youngest 2006. The grandchild count continues to rise, and that is one the sweetest parts of life.

– A pastor since 2003, eight of those years being non-paid (except treasure in heaven, which is lavish pay indeed!), and the years since 2011 being financially supported by the church.

Happy reading!
Jason Dohm
Sovereign Redeemer Community Church
Youngsville, NC