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Our Impending Choices?

Dear Sovereign Redeemer and other friends,

I don’t do a lot of blog reading (or writing, obviously!), but there are several that I check about once a week because I usually find something useful. One of those is the blog of Tom Chantry, a Reformed Baptist pastor from the Milwaukee area.

Here is a nugget about our country’s presidential race:

“Every four years, American Christians are told that we have a moral obligation to vote.  It appears that this year one nominee for President will be a professional bandit with the ego of President Obama, the fidelity of President Clinton, and the honesty of President Nixon.  His opponent will most likely be an unindicted traitor who has already gotten U.S. security and intelligence personnel killed by setting politics over duty.  Will someone please explain to me which commandment requires me to participate in this choice?”

I don’t know of such a commandment, so I will be of no use to Tom, and let’s hope and pray that we end up with a much better option.