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The Tattooed Jesus

Dear Sovereign Redeemer and other friends,

I have been looking forward to reading Kevin Swanson’s new book “The Tattooed Jesus: What Would the Real Jesus Do with Pop Culture“. Thanks to the wonders of WiFi, it is now on my Kindle and I’m getting a running start.

This from the introduction:

“There is much material that address a Christian worldview, as contrasted with other prevalent worldviews of the day. But these are hardly useful to the masses, unless they connect the dots between the worldview and the cultural incarnations. Most people do not sit and study worldviews all day, but they will go to the movies and listen to Top 40 radio stations. Unless Christian families can properly see the connections between cultures and the worldviews they reflect, many more will be ‘spoiled by philosophies and vain deceit after the traditions of men.’ (Col. 2:5).”

Cultural incarnations of a worldview is an interesting and helpful way to think about things. In other words, wisdom is justified by her children (Matthew 11:19), but she isn’t the only one with children! Every philosophy that competes with the truth of God’s word has offspring as well, and we would do well to identify them so that we can be on a trajectory away from the world, not towards it.

Consider giving it a read yourself. Swanson is always great for stimulating thinking, and we will be the better for it.